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London Design Festival

Starting on 13 September and running until 23 September, the London Design Festival showcases the latest trends, innovation and creativity across the design world. From interiors to product design; graphic design to fashion and just about everything in between, the festival has become one of the most esteemed events on the London social calendar. Attracting designers, manufacturers, sellers, industry experts, homeowners and many others from around the globe, Mayor Boris Johnson sums the event perfectly: “The London Design Festival is the most vivid possible proof that London is the hub of the creative industries in the world.”

Decorex 2012 – Bespoke Interiors

Next month, Decorex 2012 will showcase the latest trends in interior design. This year’s theme is Bespoke Interiors, which is the embodiment of the mufti brand. Decorex International will be held at the renowned Royal Hospital Chelsea in London from 23 to 26 September 2012. Now in its 35th year, Decorex 2012 will pay homage to the exhibition’s heritage as the exhibition celebrates its design journey over the past three decades. Hand selected brands will show their current trends that live the bespoke concept, while honouring the iconic influences that are found within the ever-changing interior design industry.

Creating a Functional yet Stylish Work Space

Whether you work from home or simply need an inspiring space to catch up on emails at the end of the day, office furniture design can be functional without compromising on style. The study was traditionally a dedicated office without frills – a place where work was done and not much else. Today however, the study can be so much more than a space to burn the midnight oil. Your study could be a reading room, relaxation room, ideas room or even a work room – all in one easy to plan space.  

Using Natural Furniture for the Dining Room

Natural furniture has the perfect combination of quality and style that make it versatile for any décor theme. In the case of dining rooms, furniture carved from high grade wood, leather and other natural materials creates a classic take on contemporary dining – turning the room into an entertainment area ideal for breakfasts, lunches and elegant dinners.   Whether you use your dining room for family meals or you enjoy hosting dinner parties and other sit-down functions for your guests, consider the following tips on how to use natural furniture in your dining area

Bespoke Furniture Ideas for Living Rooms

Bespoke furniture is more than making a statement – it is about investing in high quality pieces that turn your living room into a luxurious haven. Living room trends over the years have come and gone, with each season bringing new styles into modern homes. Choosing beautifully designed furniture allows you to change your style with the seasons, without having to start all over from scratch.   Whether you prefer a classic look or something more eclectic, the following ideas will help you design the perfect living area with the help of exquisite bespoke furniture that translates into

Using Natural, Handmade Furniture and Decorative Elements in Your Home

Across every décor trend, natural furniture remains a constant classic. Whether you are opting for a modern, relaxed living space, a nautical inspired home or even a French country look; natural elements add an understated luxury that will suit any décor theme. Quality is imperative with this approach – invest in well-made pieces that will last long and provide the utmost in comfort.   Wondering how you can bring handmade décor and furniture into your home? Consider the tips below for some inspiration.

A Few Interior Decorating Basics

Interior decorating is constantly evolving, but the primary goal remains – to create a home that reflects your unique personality through bespoke furniture and design. Magazines and décor websites are flooded with ideas. Some will advise on sticking to the basics, while others promote unique looks that are able to change with current trends. Colours, materials, styles and inspirations are seasonal in many aspects – this doesn’t mean that trends can’t be interpreted to suit personal style however. If you want to revamp your living spaces and inject your own brand of style into each room, the