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"Forgotten Portraits, Red" paintings by Joanne Yulan


Joanne Yulan is a contemporary artist based in London. She studied at Edinburgh School of art and completed her postgraduate MA at the Royal College of Art, London in 2001.

She has created a series of brush portraits painted on original vintage papers, inspired by the hidden personalities found in the discovery of a collection of mid- century photographs of scientists, explorers, political activists and artists. Many of whom are women, these portraits endeavour to retrieve each character from historical obscurity and recapture their enigmatic gaze, asking the viewer to contemplate their thoughts and the story of these largely now forgotten characters.

Each is painted in oil and gouache paint, on vintage paper texts from the same period.

The painting is presented in a bespoke linen lined box frame. The step frame profile is made from oak, with a charcoal polished finish and a 23ct gold inner edge detail. Glazed with anti-reflective glass

Dimensions: Height- 73cm, Width- 104cm.

Materials: Oil & Gouache on Handmade Paper

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