Baobab ‘Les Prestigeuses’ Candles


With Baobab, the candle becomes an object of decoration. Like the baobab tree in the African savannah, the candle impresses and stands out from the ordinary. An every day product becomes extraordinary – this is what defines luxury.

Encre de Chine: Heavily woody, the Encre de Chine scent combines sandalwood and vetiver into what resembles hints of smoke. It is a scent that evokes scenes of wild landscapes full of mystery, defined by tradition.

Cuir de Russie: An exceptional fragrance was immediately released into the air, as the riders all fell hopelessly in love with its incredible scent. A blend of vetiver and moss uplifted by a hint of musk, the Cuir de Russie scent conjures up the memory of a comforting wood fire.

Burning Times:  Max10: 60hrs / Max16:  150hrs / Max24: 400hrs

Sizes:  Max10: H.10cm / Max16: 16cm / Max24: 24cm


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Cuir de Russie, Encre de Chine


Max 10, Max 16, Max 24