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Arca Horn Bathroom Set


Handmade in Italy,  this Arca bathroom set is the epitome of luxury. The elegant soap dispenser, small square box and toothbrush holder are displayed on a beautiful lacquered tray.  Arca pieces require the craftsmanship of up to 12 artisans. The material is worked over an open fire and perfected with a black lacquered finish.

All items are priced separately.

Tray Size: Width- 39cm, Depth- 19cm, Height- 3cm,
Soap Dispenser: Width- 7cm, Depth- 7cm, Height- 16cm,
Toothbrush Holder: Width- 12cm, Depth- 7cm, Height- 12cm,
Square box (pictured on tray): Width- 7cm, Depth- 7cm, Height- 12cm,

Materials: Horn and Lacquered wood, soap pump in chromed brass.

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