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Mufti Design

Karakul Rugs


These chunky 'living rugs' are woven in African Karakul wool, bringing warmth, depth, and texture to every room. The rugs are hand spun and handwoven by skilled artisans in South Africa to ensure that they will last a lifetime.

Karakul wool is extremely unique with durable properties: it is soft, sturdy, and ideal for high traffic areas of the home, the fibre is naturally fire resistant, suitable for both hot and cold climates, and its high lanolin content protects the rug from stains.

These all-natural Karakul rugs can be customised in terms of colour and type of weave, and they can also be combined with curly Mohair fibres for a different look.

Contact our showroom for information on pricing, or to discuss your dream made-to-order rug!